About Pakmak


PAKMAK is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of load securitization machinery and consumables such as Strap, Strapping Tools, Strapping Machines, Stretch Film, Stretch Wrappers, Plastic Pallets, Palletizers, Stretch Hooders, Shrink Hooders and, Money and Box Banding Machines. PAKMAK, directly or through local distributors serves in US, Turkish, Eastern European, Central Asian, Middle Eastern and African markets. We are packaging consultants with extensive productivity improvement and automation experience. We would love to share our experienes with you to find opportunities for cost savings or process improvements in your end-of-line pacakaging operations.

Mosca and Eammosca Spare Parts

Pakmak Packaging is Distributor of Mosca and Eam-Mosca Strapping Machine. Pakmak provides full range of Mosca Strapping Machines as well as holds extensive list of spare parts in our stock. We offer 24 hours technical service for our customers and partners with our highly trained team members and extensive spare parts stock.

Itatools and Polychem Spare Parts

Pakmak Packaging offers sales and technical service of battery operated (electric) and pneumatic strapping machines. With our extensive original spare parts stock, Pakmak provides service with a fast and solution- oriented approach. We provide service to you with our experienced team any time of the day.

Aetna Robopac Stretch Wrapping Machines and Packers Spare Parts

Pakmak Packaging is a supplier of full line Aetna Group, Robopac Stretch Wrapping Machines and Dimac and Prasmatic Packers such as Robopac vertical wrapping machines, Robopac horizontal stretch machines, Robopac stretch wrapping robots and box taping machines. Pakmak has a wide stock of original Robopac, Dimac spare parts.